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Changing how Software Companies Interview could reduce gender bias

GeekWire published this article that talks about a new way of interviewing for software engineers.  Instead of power based format, aka the dreaded Whiteboard Test or show me what you know, Foundry Interactive, comes to the interview with a real world problem and works with the candidate to figure out a solution.  In software you work as a team.

That dreaded Whiteboard Test style of interviewing benefits people who come from a place of privilege, a candidate that comes with a sense of confidence that many people don’t have the chance to develop.

Foundry Interactive’s interview techniques allow them to be more open to people from a variety of backgrounds. Until recently, the team of engineers there had an impressive 50-50 gender balance.


Here’s an interesting article from Online Colleges about STEM opportunities for Women and Minorities.     First it presents the current state data about where we are at in STEM,  the industry need for skilled STEM workers, and recommendations for investments to close gaps.   Interestingly, a2015 article in Time Magazine reported that only 20 cents of every dollar spent towards STEM education goes toward programs below the undergraduate level.  Investing in programs and initiatives to encourage women and minorities to pursue STEM studies at this stage is crucial.  Some of the most successful programs emerging include:

    • After school programs
    • Summer camps
    • Local science centers
    • Mentorship
    • Student clubs
    • AP course availability

The article has more details and links to specific resources.


Vital Signs AZ

Change the Equation – Vital Signs for Arizona Women

According to a 2013 study by Change the Equation, women were awarded one out of five engineering degrees in Arizona and one out of four computer science degrees.  This is an ongoing trend that is not changing significantly year over year.   


Compute Degrees AZ - Men vs Women

Engineering Degrees AZ Men vs Women copy